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Dependent Visa

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Dependent Visa

One of the most common reasons people travel abroad is to provide a higher level of living for their families. The Dependent Visa is a vital tool that countries have devised to assist families in living together. It helps professionals, students, permanent residents, and others to relocate their families from another country to their new home country.

They can use the dependant visa to move their family from another country. Global Tree can assist you in deciphering the complexities of the dependant visa process so that you can reunite with your family and start a new life in another country.

Dependent Visa Overview

Countries all over the world offer dependent visas with a variety of benefits to reunite families. These visas typically allow you to phone your close family in another country after a quick application process that relies heavily on your financial capabilities. Dependent visas typically allow successful applicants to:

  • Stay in the country to which they are applying based on a relative’s sponsorship.
  • In some circumstances, work or study visa is required.
  • Traveling through that country

Types of Dependent Visas

There are two types of dependent visa – Temporary and Permanent

  1. Holders of the following visas are eligible for a temporary visa.
    1. Student
    2. Fiance
    3. Work
    4. Intra-company transfer
  2. Permanent Visas for spouses or children under the age of 18-21 and Dependents of immigrants.


In most countries, excluding the United States, spouses/partners on temporary Dependent Visas have limited rights to work for dependents based on the visa duration. Permanent Residents and their dependents have the right to live, study, and work in the United States for as long as they are permanent residents.

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