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PR Visa

PR stands for Permanent Residency and refers to a person’s resident status, which is often permanent. As a result, the name of a permanent resident does not have the same rights as a citizen. Anyone who holds a PR for any country will be a citizen of the country for which he has a passport. They can’t be the same.

Types of Permanent Residence Visas

Permanent residence can be obtained with various options along with the chance to bring a spouse and children. Some PRs can be converted to citizenship as well after some years. Plus, PR holders can take the advantage of health care benefits, free education for children, and retirement benefits. Here are the types of PR you can choose.

Eligibility to Apply PR

The eligibility criteria change for each country. Along with the country requirements, the eligibility depends on the type of PR chosen. Our PR counselors can check your profile and suggest the country for which you can be eligible for the permanent residence status.

Here is the common eligibility criterion to apply for PR:

  • Age – 21- 40 years
  • English Language Proficiency – A good score in IELTS/PTE/TOEFL
  • Work Experience in or outside the country – Minimum 2 years
  • Academic Qualification – Minimum bachelor’s degree
  • State sponsorship
  • Niche skills can be advantageous

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