Australia and India have been strengthening their relationship in recent years, with a particular focus on making it easier for Indian students and professionals to immigrate to Australia. As the second-largest source of international students in Australia, India is an important partner for the country’s education sector. To make it easier for Indian students to gain work experience in Australia after completing their studies, the post-study work visa program has been improved. In addition, Australia’s Global Talent Independent program offers a streamlined pathway to permanent residency for highly skilled individuals from around the world, including India.

These initiatives are part of a broader effort to deepen ties between Australia and India and foster economic cooperation. As more Indian students and professionals are able to immigrate to Australia, there are likely to be even more opportunities for collaboration and growth. For those considering a move to Australia, there are numerous resources available to help navigate the visa process and connect with potential employers. Overall, the future looks bright for the Australia-India relationship and the many students and professionals looking to make a new home in Australia.



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