Can I study in UK on a scholarship Basis

Scholarships in UK are offered to international students based on merit-based, 

There are a number of scholarships available in the UK. There are some scholarships that are only for undergraduate students and others are for postgraduate students and there are scholarships only available to the citizens of certain countries, certain universities or subjects. As mentioned that the scholarships attract a large number of students, so you must not miss the deadline of scholarship. It is essential to know the deadlines of the scholarship you are interested and don’t miss the submission date. Providing the necessary documents in the required manner (online or by post) depends upon the scholarship you are applying for. Different scholarships have different requirements. Go through them carefully. Some scholarship providers might ask you to submit additional documents like academic transcripts, financial records, cover letters, or some of them even ask you to attend the interview. You must submit the necessary documents in the format that is required. If they ask for certified copies of documents, you must provide all certified copies. Some scholarships applicants ask  to provide letters of reference alongside their application. You should not underestimate this part of the process since it will prove to be a big help to you in the long run. submit the application! Keep in mind that it might take time, so be prepared and wait.

Academic or  merit and excellence scholarships are usually awarded to the  students with a strong academic background which includes achieving the strong grades in school exams. Performance based scholarships are to those who have exceptional ability like extracurricular activity such as sports, music or performing arts, drama or dance performance. The Subject-specific scholarships are often that offered by individual departments to students for studying a particular course or subject. Equal access or sanctuary  scholarships can take the form of a tuition fee reduction or waiver or maintenance award and are offered to refugees the asylum seekers who have fled persecution from their countries. Disability scholarships support the international students with the disability, long-term mental health condition or learning difficulty, other special needs.

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