Everything you need to know about USA intakes? 

If you are planning to Study in the USA. The first thing you should look into when applying to a university or College is the intake that the country has to offer. Here are the types of USA  intakes and their Deadlines There are 3 intakes offered in the colleges and universities of the USA which are as follows:

Fall intake September to December

Spring intake January to May

Summer intake starts around May

Choosing the intake that suits you better can be a bit confusing. Observing factors like the availability of your required program, English language proficiency scores, your academic records, entrance exam scores, institution’s acceptance rates, job opportunities, and your readiness to join the program while making a decision. If you cannot get ready until your preferred intake then it’s better to skip the haste and apply for the next intake in the USA.

Fall Intake

 Duration: September to December

It is also known as the September intake. fall intake is also known as the primary intake in the USA. All the Universities offer a wide variety of courses during the fall intake. Moreover, high funding will be provided for the Fall Intake in the USA. The admission process for Many Universities and colleges has fall intake only if you are planning for admission in the fall semester, research from April, and start your college and University shortlisting. Materializing for IELTS / TOEFL or other required exams around June. After that, you should start your documentation such as SOP, Application Essays, LOR, and most importantly visa process. It is the most chosen intake in the USA.

Spring Intake

Duration: January to May Spring is also known as January Intake in the USA

Spring Intake is usually a secondary intake for the USA. The spring intake has a duration of January to May. Students who have missed the fall intake can apply for spring intake. However, spring intake does not have as many courses on offer as fall intake from the Universities. If you are planning to apply for the Spring Intake in the USA, then you should be done with your shortlisting of universities and all the necessary research by August. Give required English Language and other competitive eligibility exams by September/October. After that, focus on your application process and visa requirements for departure

 Summer intake.

 At present, summer intake universities in the USA are limited, around 10-15 colleges offer degree courses in summer. The intake in the USA usually starts in May and ends in August. Compared to Fall and Spring intakes, very few students choose to apply for the Summer intake. This intake is the best for students planning to commence short-term courses in the USA, such as certificate courses. Nonetheless, there are some premier universities in the USA which are offering UG and PG  degree programs commencing in Summer.

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