Is It Difficult To Obtain PR in Australia

Obtaining permanent residency (PR) in Australia can be a complex process, and it requires meeting certain eligibility criteria set by the Australian government. However, studying in Australia can be a pathway to obtaining PR in the country.
International students who have completed their studies in Australia and meet the requirements may be eligible to apply for a post-study work visa. This visa allows students to work full-time in Australia for up to four years, providing them with the opportunity to gain work experience and improve their chances of obtaining PR.
To be eligible for PR, international students must meet certain requirements, such as having a high level of English proficiency, completing an eligible Australian qualification, and satisfying the health and character requirements.
The Australian government has different visa categories for skilled workers, which can be a pathway to PR. International students who have gained work experience in Australia and have skills that are in demand may be eligible to apply for a skilled visa.
In summary, while obtaining PR in Australia can be a challenging process, studying in Australia can provide students with a pathway to improve their chances of obtaining PR by gaining work experience and meeting the eligibility criteria.

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