The Canadian government recently announced that only 360,000 students are getting study permit for 2024.

This blog is to clear all the doubts for all the students who are trying to know about the recent changes in the rules of Canada.

  1. What is Provincial Attestation Letter?
  2. Who needs Provincial Attestation Letter?
  3. Why GIC Amount Increased?
  4. Does spouse get work permit?

Let’s Discuss this regarding question

  1. What is Provincial Attestation Letter?

Provincial Attestation letter is a proof of the individual’s provincial or territorial were they belongs. So, the Canadian government need the confirmation that the applicant has a space in the provincial or territorial allocation for study permit.

  1. Who needs Provincial Attestation Letter?

Undergraduate needs to apply for Attestation letter and non-degree program also needs to provide this. No need for graduate students who wants to purse masters, doctorates etc..,

  1. Why GIC Amount Increased?

GIC is nothing but Guaranteed Investment Certificate. Previously it was $10,000 but from January 2024, the government has increased the GIC amount the double of that because of the living cost and the expenses increased in the country.

  1. Does spouse get work permit?

Only spouse who are eligible for open work permits are of master’s and doctorates who has right to avail the facility of open work permit whereas, Undergraduates and non- degree has no facility to allow their spouse for open work permit.


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