Countries easing work permit policies for Indians
Starting from the US to Russia, countries worldwide are trying to make the visa application process easier for Indians. In this article, we are enlisting four countries, including the United Kingdom, the United States, Germany, and Russia, who have announced intentions or even schemes to simplify the visa processes so that Indians can obtain accessible entry permits:
United Kingdom: India and the UK together have introduced Young Professionals Scheme (YPS). The scheme lets British and Indian nationals aged 18 to 30 years apply for working and living in either country for up to two years.
However, the applicants must fulfil specific criteria like a graduate degree, financial stability to support their stay in the country, etc. Applicants must present proof of possessing funds equal to INR 250,000 held for at least 30 days while applying.
United States of America: The US has announced that it will start the visa stamping program within the country for several visa renewals, including the H-1 and L-1 visas.
As per the Department of State officials, they are expanding their interview waiver process for a few academic exchange visitors, students, and temporary workers.
Also, Indian visa applicants traveling to other countries for business can apply for a US visa there. According to the officials, the department has opened up many missions, and the other US embassies will also take up Indian visas, especially if they travel there.
Germany: On a trip to India in February, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said that the German government wants to make obtaining a work visa easier for Indian information technology experts.
The Chancellor also said that the country would improve its legal framework to make it even more attractive for software developers. Germany is struggling with a skilled labor shortage, and the German government will prioritize people with IT development skills this year.
When Scholz was asked questions about the hurdle of not knowing the German language, he said they could come to the country speaking English and learn it later.
Russia: According to Deputy Foreign Minister Evgeny Ivanov, Russia is working towards making the visa application process easier for many countries like India, Indonesia, Syria, Vietnam, the Philippines, and Angola.
The country is also working on preparing intergovernmental agreements with eleven other countries on visa-free trips. These are Barbados, Saudi Arabia, Haiti, Kuwait, Zambia, Malaysia, Trinidad, and Mexico.

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