What are the five types of immigrant Visas in the UK

There are mainly four types of visas : Tourist, Immigration, Student, or Work. Tier 1 visas are particularly for the people who can contribute significantly to the UK as well as investors and entrepreneurs. Tier 2 is used for Skilled Workers. Tier 5 visas are also known as same Temporary Worker visas. These visas are issued to the people for no longer than 12 months in the UK. This visa is usually valid for a period of up to 5 years and 14 days, or the time given on the certificate of sponsorship and plus 1 month,it is for a shorter period of time . It may be possible to extend the time, although a Tier 2 visa holder will not be able to extend the total stay period in this category beyond 6 years. This category of Tier 3 visa was originally designed for low-skilled workers filling specific temporary labor shortages and no longer exists. The Government never allocated visas under this scheme. Previously Student visas were called Tier 4 visas, this category is for overseas students who wish to study in the UK. The Tier 4 Student visa caters for students from outside the UK who are looking to study a full-time degree course at a university, college or other eligible educational institution in the UK. A Tier 5 visa is a temporary work visa for people who want to go to the UK for a short time. There are six different types which include creative and sporting, charity, religious worker, and youth mobility scheme.


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