What is the new immigration law in Germany 2024?

Moving to Germany as a non-EU citizen is also set to get easier in 2024, when the government introduces the second phase of its new skilled worker law on May 31. The new Chancenkarte (Opportunity Card) will allow people from non-EU countries to move to Germany for one year and carry out part-time work.

2024 in Germany: All of the changes you need to know about

2024 is just around the corner and Germany has big plans ahead. The Opportunity Card will hopefully see millions make the country their new home, while fathers and second parents are set to get paid leave after the birth of a child as part of a historic new law. Here are all the changes coming to Germany in 2024!

German dual citizenship law 2024

With all the twists and turns throughout its legislative evolution, Germany’s new dual citizenship law has dominated our headlines in 2023. It has just been announced that the coalition has agreed on the newest version of the law, meaning it can head to a second reading in the Bundestag and hopefully be voted on in January 2024. This means that the law may be on track to be enshrined by April 2024.

In its current form, the new law will mean that people who have been resident in Germany for just five years will be eligible for a German passport. They will also be able to keep their original nationality and have dual citizenship. In cases where prospective citizens show impressive achievements in their work and speak German at C1 level, they will be eligible to apply for citizenship after just three years.

Older people and children will also benefit from the new law. Once it is introduced, residents who are over 67 will no longer have to prove their B1-level language skills and will not have to pass a naturalisation test to obtain citizenship. The rules will be relaxed for children born to non-German parents in the federal republic, who should soon be eligible for a passport if just one of their parents has been legally resident in Germany for at least five years when the child is born.

We will continue to cover every development of the dual citizenship law in 2024, so stay tuned for more IamExpat coverage.

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