What is the new visa policy for New Zealand?


Travellers that are visa waiver must request a New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority (NZeTA) prior to travel. The NZeTA is mandatory for all sea and air arrivals, including transit, unless exempt. When issued, it remains valid for the period of 2 years.

How long is the wait for visitor visa New Zealand?

Wait times

Visa type                                                                          Wait time

New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority (NZeTA)     72 hours

Visitor Visa                                                                          4 weeks

Partner of a New Zealander Visitor Visa                    3 months

Business Visitor Visa                                                        1 week

What is the rejection rate for New Zealand tourist visa?

The rejection rate of a visa for New Zealand is 32% in India.

Is New Zealand accepting visitor visa applications?

People travelling on a passport from some countries must apply for a Visitor Visa to visit New Zealand. You can stay for up to either 6 months (multiple entry) or 9 months (single entry). You cannot work, but you can study for up to 3 months.

Can I convert my visitor visa to work visa in New Zealand?

Visitor visas are not a pathway to residency and you cannot work on a visitor visa. If you want to work in New Zealand and gain residency, you must apply for a different type of visa. For the visas that lead to residency, you need to have certain skills, experience, qualifications or occupations.

Can I switch from visitor visa to skilled worker visa?

Regrettably, it is not possible to apply to switch to a Student or Work visa from a Visitor visa in the UK. However, there may be other options afforded to you if you are hoping to stay in the UK on a long-term basis depending on the applicability of certain special

Is it easy to get a work visa in New Zealand?

Difficulties Obtaining a New Zealand Visa

In general, it may be difficult to get a work visa in New Zealand due to limited spots or tight deadlines for application. If your country has a set quota that means applications will open on a specific day.

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